Amoxil like other antibiotics may cause serious adverse reactions.

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Th ADs divd om clinical studis and post-makting suvillanc with amoxicillin, psntd by MdDA Systm Ogan Class a listd blow.

Amoxicillin is not suitabl th tatmnt som typs inction unlss th pathogn is alady documntd and known tb suscptibl th is a vy high liklihood that th pathogn would b suitabl tatmnt with amoxicillin (s sction 5.1). This paticulaly applis whn considing th tatmnt patints with uinay tact inctions and sv inctions th a, nos and thoat.

Th a ndata on th cts amoxicillin on tility in humans. poductiv studis in animals hav shown ncts on tility.

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