A study of outpatients with major depressive disorder who had responded to paxil hdrs total score 8 during an initial 8 week open treatment phase and were then randomized to continuation on paxil or placebo for 1 year demonstrated a significantly lower relapse rate for patients taking paxil 15 compared to those on placebo 39 .

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Along with its needed effectsparoxetinethe active ingredient contained in Paxilmay cause some unwanted effectsAlthough not all of these side effects may occurif they do occur they may need medical attention.

Ask your doctor before taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugNSAIDfor painarthritisfeveror swellingThis includes aspirinibuprofenAdvilMotrinnaproxenAlevecelecoxibCelebrexdiclofenacindomethacinmeloxicamand othersUsing an NSAID with Paxil may cause you to bruise or bleed easily.

Applies to paroxetineoral capsuleoral suspensionoral tabletoral tablet extended release.

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