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BACTIM is indicatd in th tatmnt ntitis causd by suscptibl stains Shiglla lxni and Shiglla sonni in adults and pdiatic patints twmonths ag and old.

Tatmnt ailu and xcss motality w obsvd whn BACTIM was usd concomitantly with lucovoin th tatmnt HIV positiv patints with Pnumocystis jiovcii pnumonia in a andomizd placbcontolld tial. 4 Avoid coadministation BACTIM and lucovoin duing tatmnt Pnumocystis jiovcii pnumonia.

A atalitis potd with sulonamids du tStvns-Johnson syndom, toxic pidmal ncolysis, ulminant hpatic ncosis, aganulocytosis, aplastic anmia, and oth blood dyscasias.

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